Why Moving To A New Home Is A Perfect Time to Change Mattresses

Moving, whether it be across town or across several states, is the ideal time to make a fresh start. It’s a time to leave part of the past behind and to set new goals and dream bigger dreams. If you think packing and unpacking are all that a move entails, you will be surprised to discover how moving from one place to another can impact so many aspects of your life.

Decision Time

Moving to another home gives you the perfect opportunity to eliminate clutter from your life. If you don’t like it or need it, don’t take it. If it’s broken or worn out, don’t take it to your new place. This includes items such as your favorite chair with the worn-out upholstery and the mattress you’ve had for longer than you can remember. Experts, like the one’s at Ben’s Furniture, a mattress store in Atlanta, recommend that you buy a new mattress every seven years. A good quality mattress is a key factor in getting the quality sleep you need to function at your optimum best. Sleeping on a new mattress the first night you’re in your new place could provide the comfort you need to sleep better than you have in a long time. Once you’ve decided what to take to your new home, the next step might be finding a professional moving company to assist you with providing packing supplies and to do the heavy lifting on moving day.

Storing to Simplify

If you’re moving to downsize and there are family heirlooms waiting to be passed down to children and grandchildren you can put those items in storage so that you can experience the freedom and pleasure of small home living. If you anticipate making several moves within a short period of time, you might want to store non-essentials until you’re ready to settle down in one place.

A New Start

Your new home is a blank slate waiting for you to put your personal mark on it. This would be a good time to decorate your home in a way that is totally different from the old place. A new décor would serve as a reminder that this move is a new beginning. If you have difficulty managing clutter, be sure to invest in some organizational accessories such as drawer and closet organizers so that your new home will look neat and attractive. This would be a good time to purchase some self-pampering items. A few luxurious rugs or a heated towel bar might make you feel pampered. A change in décor is just one of many changes you can experience in your new location. You can explore new hobbies, experience new adventures and make new friends.