What You Should Know Before Relocating Overseas

Moving Internationally

Are you contemplating a move overseas? Households undertaking this type of major relocation often discover themselves fielding an array of last-minute travel decisions. Before your departure, spend some time considering these important issues:

Climate Conditions

Research the average monthly temperatures of your destination. You probably won't need to pack heavy winter coats and mittens if you set out for the Congo or the UAE. However, if you plan on relocating anywhere in Scandinavia, you'll sorely miss those items! Identifying the type of attire you'll need, and what you can get rid of, often helps reduce some moving expenses.

Language Issues

Today, many international travelers spend time learning other languages to ease travel overseas. If you don't know the prevailing language (or languages) in your destination, you'll want to spend time researching this issue. It helps to carry along a phrase book and/or a mobile device providing a dictionary of basic expressions.

Geopolitical Situations

It is also important to spend some time researching the government and laws in your destination nation. Many places do not maintain free speech, for instance. Americans sometimes encounter legal problems if they speak openly about their views in those locations. Many countries prohibit alcohol or marijuana use. Most nations do not allow private citizens to own firearms. You'll also want to know whether or not the local government has encountered factional violence or civil unrest recently in order to assess your security needs.

Required Vaccinations

Many nations don't maintain a readily available list of potential health threats, but you may discover you should obtain vaccinations against certain serious contagious diseases well in advance of your travel dates. Remember, to develop immunity to some conditions you may require a series of booster shots. Check with your family physician to obtain recommended vaccinations for all household members in your travel party. You may also wish to check for any travel advisories from the CDC.

Local Customs

Learning about local customs in advance of your travel dates could help you socialize more easily after your arrival. Some widely accepted gestures in the United States actually convey insults in other nations. For example, in a few cultures, unrelated men and women do not usually socialize together outside of an office. You'll avoid offending people and make friends faster if you learn about prevailing cultural practices and customs in your destination.

National Currency

Studying local currency and coinage and the exchange rate never hurts, either. It could save you from embarking with ample spending money and discovering you have almost none left when you arrive in a remote locale.

Plan Ahead

Thorough planning eases international moves. Conducting research in advance frequently saves time, money and aggravation later!