Money-saving Tips to Consider When Moving

Moving can be an exciting time. You're ready to relocate to a new property, you’ve made plans on what to do with the new space, and you can’t wait to get there. However, many people don't anticipate the high cost that comes with transporting all of their personal belongings. When you want to save money while moving, there are a few important tips to follow.

Get a Deduction

You'll save extra money at the end of the year by deducting various costs of your move if it's business-related. You can also write off items that you donate to a local charity or organization. Make an itemized list of all of the items that you get rid of and work with a tax consultant to stay updated on the latest charitable deductions.

If you're moving due to a job transfer, you can request that your employer covers some of the costs.

Ask for Free Boxes

Instead of spending a few dollars on each box that you use during the moving process, call liquor stores or supermarkets to ask for free boxes. Many places throw out dozens of cardboard boxes each day after unloading new supplies in their stores. You can pick up the items throughout the week and save money in the process.

When it comes to buying bubble wrap, opt for using newspaper to protect glass vases or dishes without spending extra money on the wrapping material. You can also resort to using clothes to wrap fragile items, which can make it easy to pack more of your belongings in each box.

Pack Items Yourself

Hiring professionals to pack all of your items can cost hundreds of dollars. Opt for doing the work yourself and recruiting your family members and friends to help. Throw a packing party where you play music and serve pizza to make for an easy and cheap process that allows you to stay within your budget.

Move During the Off-Season

Moving during the months of September to May can allow you to obtain discounts when hiring a moving company to transport your boxes and furniture. Business is typically slow during the fall and winter season, which can make it easier to pay less money. Ask for an in-person estimate and get everything in writing. Don't be afraid to bargain a lower price after getting quotes from other companies in the local area.

Purge the Home

Purge the home of items that are no longer in use and will take up space in your new property. You can host a garage sale and get rid of clothing, children's toys, and electronics with earnings that you can put toward your move. Take jewelry pieces or valuable items to a pawn shop to get more money.