Be More Efficient by Creating a Cleaning Schedule

How do you make a routine cleaning schedule that works? There is no way that any specific routine schedule will work for everyone. Each family is different and what needs done will vary on an individual basis. The first thing to do is make a draft schedule of how things operate within the home now. Write down what time the day begins and what time certain events happen that will not change.

Keep areas that need cleaned the most equipped with cleaners, paper towels anti-bacterial wipes and scrub brushes. Quick tidy-ups are easier if items are within reach. Take advantage of using laundry baskets to move items from one room to another. Keep a donate box in a handy location to fill as you go through the house.

Think in blocks of ten-minute periods. It might not sound like enough time, but soon you will realize how much can be done in ten minutes. Start from the time you get out of bed. Either strip the bed, or make the bed. The bathroom is the next stop where the cleaning process can start, even if you are not ready to tackle it yet. Spray down the shower with cleaner, add toilet bowl cleaner to the toilet and wipe off the counter while you are there.

While the morning coffee is brewing, start the dishes soaking or start the dishwasher, throw a load of laundry in the washer and find one more chore to do before grabbing coffee. Take a ten-minute pause to drink coffee and take a break. How long did it take you to do that? Make sure you write that down on your schedule. Keep track of how long it takes to wash a load of clothes, so you know what time to start another load.

After taking a break, finish the bathroom and clean the floor on the way out. Schedule a ten or twenty minute task to do once a week. This is time to dust, wash windows, sweep a porch, or do whatever weekly job needs to go into that block.

This will give you a good start on how to create a weekly schedule that will work for you. Schedule vacuuming, sweeping, mopping and other chores to the list, but pay attention to how long it takes to do it. Make sure to schedule monthly chores. Washing pillows, cleaning ceiling fans, cleaning closets, and other tasks you would like completed every month, need to be included. Never try to clean cupboards or closets all in one day. It is too easy to become overwhelmed. Complete these tasks in sections, allowing only half an hour at a time.

By finding short periods of time in your current schedule where you can tidy up throughout the day, you will more easily be able to schedule time to do the larger tasks. Cleaning and tidying up does not need to be overwhelming.