Advice for Transporting a Hot Tub or other Pool Equipment

Transporting a hot tub or other pool equipment can be a tricky deal, but if you have the physical strength, maneuvering ability, adequate transportation, and the right tools, it can be done. If you're skittish about moving one yourself, then it is probably best left to moving specialists as they most likely have their bag of tricks ready concerning hot tub transport.

Keep it or Leave it?

With a hot tub weighing in the 800 pounds range, a reliable mover is a necessity as hot tubs can be difficult to relocate whether across town or across country. Many people that have hot tubs as a home spa choose to leave them at their residence, particularly if it is package deal with the sale of a home.“The same holds true for an in ground pool, as it would obviously have to remain within the landscape of a backyard, and you would likely want to keep any pool equipment with it, unless you are moving to another residence where you would be using the same type of pool equipment”, recommends the inground pool builders in Chicago, Sunset Pools & Spas. So, in comparison, parting with a hot tub would obviously be an easier decision, but if you have no other options but to take it with you, it boils down to moving it yourself or hiring a specialist.

Call for Costs

Moving a hot tub can be an expensive proposition, and it is hard to determine final costs even with an experienced mover because every move has individual circumstances to deal with, which can be unpredictable. Since transporting a hot tub to a new location is based on the particulars of a move, anyone planning on moving one should ask for a price estimate through several different movers to pinpoint costs.

On Your Own

If you do decide to move a hot tub yourself, there are a number of moving tips and advice for transporting one that can be of help in the process, which include:

  • Collecting the right equipment, such as tow straps, 4X4 wood pieces, appliance dollies, and at least three (3) strong friends or family members to help with the transport

  • Renting or borrowing a large enough truck for transporting the hot tub

  • Making sure any direct pathway from where the hot tub is located to the truck is clear of any obstacles

  • Shutting off any electricity to the hot tub and also turning off any water or gas lines through the hot tub panel, and disconnecting any plugs

  • Wrapping and coiling any cords and placing them in the hot tub's storage area

  • Draining the hot tub as specified in the owner's manual, allowing the water to drain in a specified area, and using a hose for draining if the hot tub is housed indoors

  • Securing the drain cap once the water is gone, closing the drain and drying out the hot tub

  • Lifting each corner of the hot tub with help and placing a piece of wood under the tub to help balance it before placing it on the dollies

  • Utilizing two furniture or appliance dollies in which one goes under the back of the hot tub, and the other one goes under the front of the hot tub

  • Securing the hot tub with tow straps and moving it to the transport truck

  • Rolling the dollies up the ramp of the truck to the inside and pushing it to the back while leaving the dollies underneath the tub

  • Covering the hot tub with moving blankets while strapping it to the sides of the truck in order to stop any movement during transport

  • Wherever the hot tub is going, just follow all the steps for unloading it in reverse. Wheel it to its new position, and hook it up for operation according to the owner's manual.

No one ever said transporting a hot tub or any other kind of unwieldy equipment was going to be easy, but if you want to make it less difficult, contact a specialist with this kind of move and get some quotes; otherwise, follow the steps given to relocate your hot tub and try not to have too much fun, and be careful!