5 Ways to Protect Your Home

It's important that you protect your home to ensure that you feel comfortable and safe in the setting. Most people want to avoid break-ins to ensure that their family and personal belongings are protected. If you want to increase the security on your property, there are a few important steps to take as a homeowner.

1. Use Surveillance Cameras

Surveillance cameras are one of the best tools to use to monitor your property 24 hours a day. Many of the surveillance cameras begin recording once a visitor rings your doorbell or if any activity is detected outdoors. You can also connect the cameras to your smartphone or tablet to ensure that you can keep an eye on your home while you're away.

2. Install Motion Sensor Lights

Motion sensor lights are essential to keep your exterior setting illuminated at night. Many thieves attempt to scope out homes while hiding in the shadows or dim areas on the property. Motion sensor lights immediately turn on when activity is detected, which can startle possible intruders and make them visible. The lights are most effective when used near windows and doors near the first level of the home.

3. Build a Fence

Not only will a fence enhance the curb appeal of your home, but it will also keep unwanted guests out. Many fences include locks that make it difficult to access the yard and get into the home. The fence can also add extra privacy to the property that will make it difficult for those passing by to peer into the home and spot valuables.

4. Prune the Trees and Shrubs

Your landscaping can determine if your home is a target for intruders. Prune trees around two-story homes, which can allow intruders to scale trees and break into a window upstairs. Security Doctors, a company specialized in home security in Chicago, adds that shrubs can also make it easy for thieves to hide when they attempt to break in, making it necessary to keep the bushes trimmed.

5. Install a Security System

A security system is needed to protect your home and have it monitored during the day and night. An alarm will sound if an intruder gets in with sensors that are installed on the windows and doors. You can have peace of mind knowing that the authorities will be contacted if the alarm sounds while you're at home or are away.